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What is a domain?

This is the name that identifies a website. Each domain must be unique on the Internet. For example: "www.mybusiness.com", different extensions such as ".com", which is the most popular and easy to remember, but just why is it names harder it is free to register. There are alternatives such as .net, .org or other and are equally desirable, you can register with:


Why is IMPORTANT to have full control of your domain?

When hiring a domain .com .net. org, etc with a hosting company, or hire a hosting plan with domain included, it is essential that has the total control of your domain. With total control we mean that you have access to a panel of independent control of your hosting panel. It is a panel where exclusively administer your domain name to manage DNS, get your Auth Code, Lock, etc, for example see the panel the following link:

It is unfortunate but many companies do not give full control of a domain and when the user wishes to change supplier often act unethically and complicate the process for the user to carry not their domain. For example, sometimes they charge high fees to "liberate" the domain and users often end up losing their domains. If you do not already have a domain with total control and plan of Hosting for your business can hire the best domain registrar in Spanish MiLesDeWeb offering Domain Panel to have total control of it:


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