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What is a Hosting?

To begin explain what is a hosting those who have heard the term but do not have clear: A hosting or web hosting is nothing but a virtual space (as an empty field) where it will point your domain (www ..) and in which you can install your website, store your emails, your forum, blog, database, etc.

A provider you rent a server connected to the Internet and which can accommodate all types of files so you can access them via the Internet. This would be similar to copy these files to a local folder on your computer, but with the difference that in this case the folder is in the provider's server and its content is therefore visible on the Internet.

When someone types in your web address (domain) as ejemple www.TuEmpresa.com they the web server where your site is hosted and downloaded the files of your site will connect.

So the first step to having your website and emails is to hire a hosting plan and domain.

Common Types of Hosting

There are different types of Web Hosting Services:

Shared Hosting: is one of the principal methods used by companies. With a shared hosting your website is placed on a server with hundreds of other websites share the resources available, reducing the cost.

Virtual Private Server (VPS): is a method of partitioning a physical server into multiple servers such that everything runs as if it were running on a single machine. You will be the only one using your virtual server, you have the ability to make changes to the operating system and web server, which is not allowed in a shared accommodation.

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Dedicated Servers: The user gets its own Web server and gains full control over the (administrative access), however, the user typically does not own the server. The user has full administrative access to the server, which means that the customer is responsible for the security and maintenance of his own dedicated server.

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What is the best Hosting Payment?

To prevent yourself manipulate the hosting, it has different shared hosting packages to suit every need, we recommend:


Control Panel - Cpanel

To manage your shared hosting company provides you with an administration panel - View demo - where you can create email accounts, change passwords, backup, control, statistics, etc. Most begins when not give importance to this aspect and once has the hosting it does not know how to move, so MiLesDeWeb offers video tutorials so that one can properly manage your administration panel - Cpanel.

Which operating system choose for my hosting?

The most used by hosting companies are usually Linux and Windows. Usually the vast majority of entrepreneurs use the Linux operating system. The use of either depends on your needs, for example:

Linux: you can work with html, php, MySQL databases, etc.

Windows: If you're going to work with Access databases and office tools among others.

Many users mistakenly believe that if they hire a hosting with an operating system such as Linux, the user or users who connect using a different system can not view your site, nothing is further from reality, the operating system chosen for your hosting does not affect anything in users attempting to access your website.

What Choosing Hosting plan?

Choosing the appropriate hosting plan for your project is a concern of every entrepreneur, keep in mind that all include corporate emails.

Standar Linux:

Ideal to create a small website for your company, these plans are very affordable and are ideal for projects that are just starting or growing websites. Disk Space from 1 GB to 4 GB which is shared with your website, email, etc.

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Enterprise Linux or Windows:

Ideal for Business Plans that require large amounts of disk space from 19 GB to 90 GB. will have all the programming tools and access to databases, so you can develop complex dynamic websites tailored to your needs.

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Unlimited Hosting Linux or Windows:

It has everything you need to publish your website and manage your email accounts. Through the panel perform all management tasks, use Plesk for Management, Unlimited Monthly epacio Disc and transfer, Unlimited Mail, Subdomains.

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